Oksana Khraschevska is my granny. She is 89 years old and she lives in a small town near Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.

Oksana Khraschevska is a unique person. The most part of her life she worked as a doctor in a regional hospital and treated people from such terrible disease as tuberculosis. But I would like to tell you not about this. When my granny was young, she experienced something so frightening, horrible and impressive that it is almost impossible to imagine.

In spring 1946 she, a third-year student of Kiev medical institute, was arrested by KGB. She was accused in the most severe crime of that historical period – Ukrainian nationalism. In a month and a half her father - the philologist, professor of Ukrainian language and literature, was also arrested by KGB and accused of Ukrainian nationalism. The court (military tribunal) sentenced them both to 10 years of gulag camps and then sent them into enforced exile to Siberia.

The father died after 10 years of gulag camps. But Oksana Khraschevska managed to survive.

She survived despite of hunger, cold, hard work – in the place where even the strongest men die, become insane or commit suicide. Under such terrible circumstances she managed not only to survive, but also help other people to live. After that she came back to Ukraine, complete her study at medical university and become a qualified doctor.

She’s written a book about her experience – “Zlamanyj Tsvit”. It was published in Ukrainian in 2012 in Lviv.

The book touches readers very much. They cry, they are shocked, they rebirth and change their attitude to life.

There is no politics or dull historical researches in the book. It is lively and quite naïve point of view of a young girl, a student of medicine, with her attitude to horrible events that has happened to her and her family. In very interesting way she describes the routine life in gulag camps, flashed of memories about World War II as she spent some period of time in Kiev occupied by fascists, about hunger 1933 she experienced in childhood. The plot is incredibly interesting and dynamic, some people said that when start reading they can’t stop until turning the very last page.

“Zlamanyj Tsvit” is the book really worth reading. It was written by Oksana Khraschevska to all us, descendants, who have vague idea about Stalin, gulag camps and exile to Siberia.

She has written this book for us to know. And to remember…

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